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I’m glad you asked! This decision came out of deep inner work I did back in 2019. My journey of personal growth started when I was around 19 years old, back in 2010. The desire to change a few things in my life started to grow inside me. Yes, girls. I felt completely lost in that area back then and I heard about a woman who was doing an alternative therapy called Rebirthing.

My parents never trusted psychologists very much and my idea about them was that you just sit down and talk with them about your problems and not…

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To be honest, I was going to title this article “Core Wounds Are Not a Thing” because in reality, they’re just ideas you have about yourself. However, it is sometimes enlightening to gain awareness on patterns you weren’t fully conscious of through the help of psychotherapy, gestalt therapy, the eneagram, human design, and other such tools and disciplines that can help you see yourself a bit more clearly.

Nonetheless, none of the above will help you heal and eliminate forever the so-called “wounds”. Psychotherapy, for example, will help you live in peace with your core wounds and that’s probably it…

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It just happens we’re all afraid, aren’t we? Why? Because it’s our biological conditioning? Because of mom? Because of dad? Digging into the past and trying to find its origin, sadly, might only ameliorate it and that’s not what we want, let’s eradicate it, obliterate it with the hammer of freedom. Turns out it is much simpler than we might have thought, you can just walk away from it, surrender it and let it go.

In a way, I’m saying that being afraid is a choice. Isn’t that good news? There’s a mechanism of the mind called letting go or…

Miquel Malet Casas

You can't imagine how happy I was the day I discovered that I could get paid to help people get what they want and be happy. That's why I'm a coach.

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